We have created a community.

A place for women to connect and expand.

Tribe has been lost over the years and we are here to embrace the importance of connection.

The evolution of consciousness is a necessity and we are here to help speed up this process.

This is Gypsy’s gift to you!

Perth Girls, Join our Community!!

Once a month we are hosting workshops right here in Perth!! with Gypsy babes from all over the world. These women are here to share their divine lessons, insights and wisdom they have gained over the years with you. Pure gold to help elevate your consciousness and feel supported by the women in your community.

You don’t need to bring anything! All we want is for you to come along and bring your essence to the tribe that we are creating right here in Perth!

EMBODYING YOUR ESSENCE – Workshop #5 Monday 9th September featuring Sarah Blackah AWAKENING JOY

Click HERE to find out more register your ticket!

We are here to shine the light, You are here because you are too!

You are the change, You are the light

Join the Revolution!

GT xx