She stands up for what she believes in.

She is passionate, messy and purposeful.

She is art.

She’s a child, a mother, a lover, a sister. A revolutionary leader.

She embraces all parts of herself and knows she is perfect.

She looks after Momma Earth.

Forever searching for ways to expand her consciousness and raise her vibration.

She seeks expression and craves creativity.

She expresses herself through beautiful clothing and won’t sacrifice the earth in doing so!

She has a fire in her belly to create positive change

To leave this earth better than how she found it.

She knows the universe supports her when she supports Momma Earth.

Connected to the earth and to her body.

Under the full moon creating ceremony with her sisters.

With beauty in her eyes and love in her soul.

Reflecting back to you everything that you are.

She is magic.

She is one with nature.

She is your reflection. She is your sister. She is you.