Fast Fashion is the second largest environmental polluting industry in the world after the oil industry.

Fast Fashion is the term used for Fashion that is produced quickly and carelessly. Garments are made out of synthetic materials, in sweat shops by people who are paid below average wages. Most only designed to last a season.

This kind of careless creation is hurting our earth and hurting humanity.

So what exactly is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion uses environmentally sustainable fibres like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, wool, silk and linen. Natural dyes are used instead of chemicals and water consumption through the process is greatly monitored. Workers are provided with safe, clean working environments and there is a real openness between consumer and company – from design to production, distribution and consumption.

Why Support it?


The use of synthetic materials, toxic dies, excess water & energy consumption by large consumer brands who care nothing about our earth and only their back pocket. Slow Sustainable Fashion considers the earth and its people at every stage of the creation process.


The first questions we ask our brands before taking them on board is “Who made your clothes?”
When shopping at Gypsy Trader the research has already been done for you and you can rest assure that you are purchasing items that have been produced under fair work conditions and following ethical practices. The companies we support care about their workers as much as they care about the clothes they create.


Sustainable clothing actually lasts longer!
Research has shown that clothing made from organic, renewable fibres is not only less toxic to the earth and to your skin, but it is also more durable and timeless!

We are advocates for spending money on one beautiful piece of clothing that will last rather than three items from un unethical companies, made with cheap materials or under poor work conditions. These items only last a season, support slave labour and unfortunately end up in land fill.

To us the choice is easy!

By being mindful of where your clothing comes from you will be supporting the earth and create a beautiful wardrobe of long lasting quality pieces you’ll have forever.

We have the opportunity to create lasting change and it is YOU as a consumer who has the power to change this. Each time you spend your dollar you are casting a vote for what kind of a world you want to live in. What is your dollar supporting?

Say no to fast fashion and support the slow fashion revolution.

GT x