I have always loved expressing myself through clothing and have worked in and out of the fashion industry for 20+ years. My first ever paid job at 12 years working for the local Surf Shop in a small town in Australia’s South West is where I first fell in love with the industry. The clothing, the styling, the buying, the shoots. I loved it all. However what I didn’t know back then, was the Fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter. Right behind the Oil & Gas industry.

It was never my intention to start an online sustainable clothing hub. My intention for Gypsy at first was an online clothing store and through meditation I was so clearly guided to create her consciously.

After delving into the effects fashion has on our earth there was no other option than to be completely sustainable. Supporting small independent labels who also have a passion for looking after our earth.

Vintage clothing has also become a huge part of our offering. Learning how much clothing ends up in landfill and experiencing first hand how much we already have. Vintage is the most sustainable option for our earth and had to become a part of who we are. I have made sure all of our Vintage pieces are hand picked and I love that each piece tells it’s own unique story.

Gypsy then expanded into a space where women can come together to connect, grow and support one another. I have always been passionate about bringing women together and I see the deep need for community. The yearning in my heart to create a safe space for women to just be together is something that will never leave me. Previously I have worked one on one with women and created workshops, so having that a strong part of Gypsy is one of my highest priorities. Each month I host a new workshop for women. Please check our offerings tab for our next event. All women are welcomed and encouraged into the space.

With a strong desire to bring women together, create a shift in the world, support the earth and help women feel connected and beautiful, Gypsy Trader was born. An online Sustainable Fashion hub expanded into a community for like minded souls to gather.

Thank you for being a part of the journey, for supporting my dream and most of all for supporting our beautiful earth through your conscious fashion choices.

So much love, Hayley xx