We are here to Create Lasting Change
To Encourage Slow Sustainable Fashion
To Support Momma Earth
To Support Humanity
To Educate
& to Circulate Money More Consciously

We are a central hub for sustainable labels.
We give back through contribution.
& we host free workshops for women to expand the collective consciousness.

We are a team of like minded woman who give a shit and we believe in the importance of leaving the world a better place than what we found it!

We only collaborate with thought leaders who are on a mission to soulfully educate and gift to the world.
Ethical labels who also care about Momma Earth & Humanity.

Our role is to circulate money more consciously and to educate women on why sustainable fashion is the only way of the future.

We know that every choice we make today is also a choice for tomorrow.

We feel and understand the need to change behaviour and patterns that were once ok.

As a business we have made a commitment to support mother earth, support our community and support one another.

Through sustainability, contribution and sisterhood we believe we can achieve this.

At Gypsy you will feel good about your choices and know you are contributing to positive change.

We are here to help change the evolution of fashion as it stands today.

You are here because you are too!

Thank you for shinning your light. Thank you for being the light!

Together we can make a difference.

Gypsy x