Hayley and Emma have been best friends for over 20 years. They share a love for fashion and all things vintage.

Emma growing up in pre loved stores and flea markets, quickly grew an appreciation for timeless designs and beautiful things. Her eye for detail is on point and she has always loved working with art and fashion.

Hayley works closely with women, is intrigued with relationship dynamics and is super passionate about looking after the Earth! She has a love for bringing women together and building community.

It is from this space that Gypsy evolved from being a clothing hub to also being a place for women to gain knowledge in all areas of self love, expression and daily practice through their workshops.

Like Ying and Yang you could not get two more opposite!

You’ll find Emma in her fem, floating away with the magic of the world, while Hayley is more so in her masculine. Getting shit done! This is how Gypsy ebbs and flows so beautifully.

Both girls love being creative, own their sexual power and love to express themselves through beautiful clothing.

With a strong desire to bring women together, create a shift in the world, support the earth and help women feel beautiful, Gypsy Trader was born.