We know that because you are a woman who gives a shit about the earth, it’s important to you that your money makes a difference.

Well we are here to assure you that it is!

All of the companies we collaborate with adopt a minimal waste policy and rather than mass producing items, they engage in manufacturing with materials that last longer and produce limited quantities of each piece. Making your purchase even more special and unique!

With everything we do we take in to account our footprint on the planet.
All garment and postage packaging is compostable.
All labels are sustainably made and eco-friendly.

5% percent of all online sales profits go to nonprofit organisations doing awesome things for our beautiful earth!

We say no to mass produced items.

This is a space where you no longer feel guilty about shopping!
Every purchase you make is
Supporting our earth
Gives to incredible humans doing incredible things for this world and supports us in helping to expand the collective consciousness!

That is Gypsy commitment to you! x