What is your Vision as a label?

When creating Opia, I had the vision of creating a label that produced small quanities of high quality, ethically made clothing that would last. I wanted to create a line where the styles made were not impacted by the readily changing trends of society, so that our pieces could stand timeless in any wardrobe at any age. We want to be a part of the ‘shop small’  movement – encouraging and educating our customers to make conscious purchases, every little bit helps.

Would you consider yourself a conscious label? And why?

Definitely. We have a huge emphasis on making sure our items are produced ethically, we make extremely small runs of each piece, we only use natural fibre fabrics, and all of our packaging is reused where possible in Avani biodregradable eco bags.

How are your garments working towards sustainability?

We use natural fibres only, fibres that are made to last and avoid trends that encourage the rotation of clothing.  All pieces from Opia are made to have in your wardrobe for years to come. We do extremely small production runs as we would rather sell out than be over stocked.

How are the production of your garments ethical?

Our team in Indonesia comprises of a family of 5, they work in a clean and light environment, and are paid above award wages – the team I work with in Indonesia truly make  Opia feel so special to me, working along  side these guys is so much fun! All offcuts from excess material cuttings are donated to the community to make into little purses and bags for their local markets.

What is your vision for the future fashion industry?

I hope that slow fashion – conscious fashion, will become the norm. Through education on the impacts of fast fashion more and more people are choosing to make conscious purchases  that have positive impacts to  our world.

What inspires you?

Nature. The ocean. Animals. Being around creative people who are pursuing their dreams. Xx