You are here because you give a shit about our earth!

You know deep in your soul that you alone can contribute to and create change.

You know that by BEING the change, you create it.

So sister, We invite you to take the pledge!
Up level your love for Momma Earth and in return she will thank you in so many magical ways.


I Vow to

Drop in with myself before making a purchase and ask myself the following

Do I love this?
Can i see myself loving this for a long time?

Do I know where this item was made?

Is it made lovingly, with care. Is it designed to last?

What is it made out of? 

Is it sustainable for the earth?
Is it made ethically?

By purchasing this item what is my money supporting?

Is my money being circulated consciously?

I vow to wear my clothes all the time. No longer saving them for special occasion’s. Life is the special occasion!

I vow to donate my clothes to charity if I’m no longer wearing them

I vow to say no to fast fashion
I vow to be 100% conscious when making my purchases
I vow to consider Momma Earth in everything that I do

Take The Pledge